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Run Here - Finding Non-Unique Values in a Column

This browser-based tool enables you to run non-uniqueness reports from database tables existing in the Cloud on the major Cloud Data Platforms (or any other database that you can access via the Internet). Simply provide the connection string from your data source's database, table name, and column name(s). The Analyze Column Name is the column for which analysis will occur, identifying any values that are not unique - typically for a column where uniqueness is expected. This is an easy step to take in improving the usability and value of your important data assets.

For instructions on how to include finding non-uniqueness of a dataset as part of workflow, including scheduled runs, ongoing processing, or part of a data pipeline, see the Finding Non-unique Values Workflow Guide.

Report Setup:

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Sample connection strings

Select Report Type:

* Note: Use connection type = "CSV File", connection string = "", table name = "CSV", and column name = "1" for a demo that does not use credits from your account.

Additional Information:

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Sample SQL Scripts in case you need sample/test data for a test drive.

How to use CSV files for data processing within Interzoid Cloud Data Connect.

        Non-Uniqueness Report (Product Name Field) Sample:
Hand Drill,5 Screwdriver,3 Hammer,2 Cordless Drill,2 Flex-head Ratchet,2

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