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CSV File Processing for Data Analysis and Enhancement

Using CSV files with Interzoid Cloud Data Connect is straight-forward and easy.

Instead of using a database connection string to a Cloud SQL database, you simply need to provide the URL to a CSV file accessible on the Web. Then, the entire file will be processed in the Cloud using the selected Interzoid report type.

You then use a column number, starting with 1 for the left-most column in the file, rather than a column name (like you would with a database) , as the column to use as the basis of processing.

Consider the following example CSV file (a comma-separated list of company names) ->

To run a "Company Name Match Report", select "CSV File" for Database Connection Type, the url filepath for "Connection String", and use "1" (the first column) as the Match Column Name:

CSV Company Name Match Report Setup Example

Click "Connect and Run Report" to see the results. You of course also need an Interzoid API Key (free with registration) so the report can access the Company Name Matching API.

A Free Usage Tier is available for CSV file data workloads.

The following are CSV test/examples files that you can use with Interzoid Cloud Data Connect. You can use any of these CSV files (or any other CSV file on the Web) as test data workloads to try the product. Simply use the full pathname as the "Connection String" after choosing "CSV File" as the "Connection Type".

Company Names
Street Addresses
People/Individual Names

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