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Company Name Matching

Identify and match inconsistently spelled company names within a dataset

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Individual Name Matching

Identify and match inconsistently spelled individual names within a dataset

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Address Matching

Identify and match inconsistently spelled individual addresses within a dataset

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Email Verification

Validate, verify, and enhance email addresses for better email deliverability and sender reputation

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Global Phone Number Append

Append location and additional information to global phone numbers

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Data Field Analysis

Analyze contents of individual data fields to understand inconsistency issues

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Live Weather by Zip Code

Append live US weather data (updated hourly) from the nearest weather station to a dataset

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URL Performance Globally

Measure response performance of a table of Web pages and API URLs from various global locations

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Test Data Generation

Generate test data of various types, including for import or within auto-created tables within a database

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Data Standardization

Identify and eliminate inconsistent data for various categories of data.

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Basic Data Statistics

Perform basic statistical analysis on a dataset to obtain mean, median, min/max, standard deviation, etc.

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